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Program Selection

Learn more below about how to search and select an eligible non-DePaul study abroad program.


Accreditation: The program must offer a transcript from an accredited institution. If you study abroad through a non-accredited institution, you will need a transcript from their “school of record.” If your admissions contact at the institution cannot guarantee you an accredited transcript, do not choose the program.
Please note: Study abroad programs for which DePaul offers a sponsored program (e.g., CEA London, London South Bank University semester-long program, etc.) are not eligible for transfer credit as a non-DePaul study abroad program.

Program Search

How do you find a non-DePaul program? There are generally three types of study abroad programs for you as a U.S. student:
  • Sponsored by other U.S. universities: Contact the study abroad office at individual institutions to determine if they accept external applicants to their programs. Some universities in the U.S. have international campuses that generally accept students from any school.

    Example: Syracuse University - Study Abroad in Hong Kong, China

  • Third party providers: These include different companies and organizations that provide services similar to a university for students studying abroad at institutions around the world.

    Example: ISA - Sevilla, Spain

  • Direct enrollment: Some universities around the world will have well-established international programs where they receive students looking to study abroad independently. Often courses will be taught in the host country language, but there might also be courses in English.

    Example: American University in Dubai - Certificate in Middle Eastern Studies
Students can begin their search on a number of study abroad program search engines, including:

Programs Recommended by Former Students

Please note: The posting of non-DePaul study abroad opportunities does not mean that DePaul University is making any recommendation regarding the program. Students should understand that DePaul does not make any representations or guarantees about the accuracy of information regarding study abroad programs contained on third-party sites unaffiliated with DePaul. Students are responsible for requesting additional information as necessary in order to make study abroad decisions.

Countries with Travel Warnings

As you register your non-Depaul program with Study Abroad, you will be asked whether you plan to study abroad in a country with a Travel Warning issued by the U.S. Department of State. If so, you will need to provide additional paperwork to secure approval from the university to pre-approve transfer credit. This process takes an indefinite amount of time, so make sure to do your research early on about the situation in the country you want to study abroad in, and keep up-to-date on the news.