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Post Cards Around the World

​​​​​​​​​Come create connection and community with Global DePaul by sending and receiving post cards with DePaul students around the world.​

​​​​Interested in Participating?

Sign up to send 2 post cards and receive 2 or more post cards.

When you sign up you agree to purchase 2 post cards and stamps and mail your cards to Global DePaul community members somewhere else in the world.  

What do I do?​

  • Sign up using this online form.
  • Purchase 2 post cards that represent you or where you live.
  • Write a message of encouragement and hope on your cards.
  • Take a picture of your cards before you send them.
  • Send us the picture of your cards & a picture of you mailing them.
  • Mail your cards to the people assigned to you by the Global DePaul team.
    Please do not share the name and address on your social media or with anyone else.  This information is private.
  • Watch your mai​lbox for a post cards addressed to you!
  • Send us a picture of you receiving your cards.​

What do I write?

  • Messages can be simple and short like, “You can do this!" or “Stay strong!"
  • You could include an inspirational quote from someone you respect or admire.
  • If you are inspired, you can write a longer message with a story or note from yourself.

We ask that you do not include any offensive language in your message and that the tone of your message to be hopeful.  Our purpose is to spread encouragement throughout our DePaul community around the world.

When Do I Send My Post Card?

Please send it as soon as possible, but no later than one week after you receive the email with the other student's name and address.

When Will I Receive a Post Card & Who Will Send It?

We hope you will receive your post card between week 2 and 4 of the quarter.  This may vary depending on the person sending your post card and the speed of mail service in your region.  If you do not receive a post card within 2 weeks of sending your own cards, please email so we can investigate.

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Post Card Around the World