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Nursing Ethics Across the Pond

  • Project length:

    • 3 weeks
  • Technology tools used:

    • D2L, Discussion Boards, Word Documents, PowerPoint
  • Communication Type/Interaction Mode:

    • Asynchronous
  • Learning outcomes:

    • To increase the number of intercultural experiences DePaul nursing students are exposed to through the use of web­‐based instructional technologies.
    • To achieve respect for and learning from the perspectives of others different from themselves and increase their personal knowledge of global interconnectedness and interdependencies within the nursing profession.
    • To examine ethical topics in nursing from their home country’s unique cultural, legal, and professional perspectives.
  • Linda Graf

    Linda Graf

    Institution: DePaul University
    Discipline: Nursing
    Course name: Culture, Ethics, and Policy Analysis

    Ilona Blahova

    Ilona Blahova

    Institution: School of Vocational Higher Learning
    Discipline: Nursing
    Course name: Social Ethics.


Partner institutions: