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Faculty Ambassador Program: Bangkok, Thailand with Dr. Nick Kachiroubas

​​​In December 2019, Dr. Nick Kachiroubas, Associate Teaching Professor in the School of Public Service, made the most of his trip to Thailand by building and strengthening global connections. He took advantage of a pre-planned trip to Bangkok, Thailand to visit the American School of Bangkok, and the Education USA office within the US Embassy, thereby spreading the good news about DePaul University. As he told students about the positive experience of studying at DePaul University and the great city of Chicago, Nick served as a Faculty Ambassador, a program run by Global Engagement which supports DePaul's international recruitment strategies. When faculty travel abroad for personal or professional reasons, they can promote DePaul by taking a few hours to serve as a Faculty Ambassador. Nick noted that making such a visit is a great way to have fun while learning about the local culture and getting a glimpse into the life of a high school student in Bangkok​​. 

Before packing up and setting off to Bangkok, Nick connected with the office of Global Engagement who ensured that he would be able to visit a local high school and the US Embassy there. Once he arrived, Nick easily found the US Embassy and met with the Cultural Affairs Specialist. A few days later, he went to the American School of Bangkok.  Both sites were located less than an hour from his hotel, which meant that he was able to venture out and speak about DePaul's mission and achievements without spending too much time in transit. Sharing information about DePaul at both the US Embassy and the American School of Bangkok gave him a sense of pride in DePaul.

At the American School of Bangkok, Nick spoke with about 30 students, some of whom had considered going to school in Australia, Europe or other Asian countries outside of Thailand. Initially, many of the students felt that the United States was too far away, or only considered studying in New York City or Los Angeles, but after discussing the feasibility of traveling around Chicago and the advantages of studying at DePaul University, their interest was piqued. The students and their high school counselor were not only accommodating and welcoming, but they gave Nick helpful recommendations for enjoying his time in Bangkok.

An additional DePaul connection that highlighted Nick's time in Thailand was a visit with a former DePaul student whom he had met in Chicago years before. By hosting MEAL with DePaul, an opportunity for faculty and staff to welcome a group of international students to their home, Nick hosted a group of international students into his home for a meal. One particular student graduated and returned to Thailand, and this past December, Nick was able to meet up with him again during his visit. It seems that even short encounters can build bridges across the world. 

Dr. Nick Kachiroubas (left) and Supiengpitch Phornroekngam (right), Cultural Affairs Specialist at the US Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand.