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D2L Essentials

D2L Essentials is a self-paced online course designed to help faculty become familiar with the most commonly used features of Desire2Learn, DePaul's learning management system. 

To access the course materials, visit go.depaul.edu/D2Lessentials​.

How long does D2L Essentials take to complete?

Faculty with no previous D2L experience should be able to complete all of the tasks in D2L Essentials in 3 to 6 hours.  

What topics does D2L Essentials cover?

By completing D2L Essentials, you will learn how to:

  • Post a news announcement on your course homepage​
  • Create a module
  • Upload a file to a module
  • Create a discussion forum and topic
  • Create a dropbox folder
  • Create a grade item
  • Set an end date on a dropbox
  • Set a lock date on a discussion​

D2L Essentials also provides a brief introduction to features that can help you monitor student use of your course materials in D2L.