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Monitor & Document Placement

Is the monitor directly in front of you?

Recommended Solutions

  • Place the monitor in line with and above the keyboard.

Is the monitor at least an arm's length distance or further if possible?

Recommended Solutions

  • Reposition the monitor at least arm's length distance, then adjust distance for best visual acuity.
  • Increase the display font size, as necessary.
  • Consider using computer glasses if necessary.

Is your head/neck upright and balanced over your shoulders when viewing the screen?

Recommended Solutions

  • Adjust the screen height up or down until you can view it with a slight downward gaze.
  • If you wear bifocals, lower the monitor to avoid tilting your head to look through the lower lens.
  • If you have to lean forward to see the screen, move the monitor closer or increase the display font size.

If frequently referring to source documents, are they positioned on a stand and near the monitor to minimize forward leaning or twisted postures?

Recommended Solutions

  • Place documents on an angled document holder or booklift positioned between the monitor and keyboard (recommended).
  • Place documents on a document holder next to the monitor if space is limited in front of the monitor.

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