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Is the keyboard at the same height as your elbows, with your elbows at a 100-110 degree angle and your shoulders relaxed?

Recommended Solutions

  • If adjustable, set desktop to seated elbow height.
  • Raise your chair so the keyboard is positioned at elbow height and use a footrest to support your legs if necessary.

Is the keyboard close enough so you are not reaching forward?

Recommended Solutions

  • Sit closer to the keyboard.
  • Move the keyboard closer to the front edge of the desk.
  • Clear obstructions under desk if necessary.
  • Adjust chair armrests if necessary.

Are both wrists straight or aligned when keying?

Recommended Solutions

  • If you drop your wrists when keying, use a narrow wrist rest along the front edge of the keyboard and use when pausing.
  • Adjust the feet on the keyboard up or down to keep your wrists straight.
  • Adjust keyboard tray tilt and height to keep your wrists straight if you use one.