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Undergraduate Enrollment

Full-Time Enrollment 13,168
Part-Time Enrollment 2,239
Total Enrollment 15,407
DePaul enrolled 15,407 undergraduates this fall, compared with 15,961 in 2015.

CDM undergraduate enrollment increased 7 percent while CMN and Theatre remained flat. All other undergraduate colleges declined from 2015 levels. Compared with 2012, BUS, the largest share of undergraduate enrollment, decreased 4 percent. Enrollment in CDM, the next largest college for undergraduate enrollment, increased by 40 percent.

Fall 2016 Undergraduate Enrollment by College
College Students
Driehaus College of Business 4,093
College of Computing and Digital Media 2,693
College of Science and Health
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
College of Communication 1,662
School for New Learning 1,091
College of Education 574
The Theatre School 324
School of Music 219