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Transfer Enrollment

Enrolling in fall 2017 are 932 traditional-age transfer students (under 24 years of age) and 311 adult transfer students (24 years of age and older), compared with 967 and 427, respectively, in 2016.  Enrollment of traditional-age transfer students declined 4 percent, while adult enrollment declined 27 percent.  The decline in adult transfers is due primarily to the discontinuation of SNL's competency-based degree.  Historically, SNL has enrolled about 40 percent of all new adult transfer students.

The three largest colleges for total new transfer enrollment—Driehaus College of Business, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and College of Computing and Digital Media—together enroll 67 percent of transfers.   Ninety-one percent of new transfers are full-time, compared with 83 percent in 2013.

Transfer students remain an important component of DePaul's enrollment profile. Throughout the 2016-17 academic year, DePaul enrolled a total of 2,093 transfer students compared with 2,491 freshmen.

Fall 2017 Transfer Enrollment by College
College Students
Driehaus College of Business 344
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 257
College of Computing and Digital Media 238
College of Science and Health 182
College of Communication
School for New Learning
College of Education
The Theatre School
School of Music


By Gender, Ethnicity and International Status

Over half of all new transfers are male (53 percent) in 2017, compared with 51 percent in 2013. Forty-eight percent of new transfers are students of color, compared with 43 percent of new freshmen. DePaul transfers include: 
  • 291 Hispanic/Latino students (23 percent) 
  • 155 Asian students (12 percent) 
  • 110 African-American students (9 percent) 
  • 48 students from other/unreported backgrounds (4 percent) 
  • 33 students from multiracial/non-Hispanic backgrounds (3 percent) 
  • 4 Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander students (<1 percent) 
  • 1 American Indian/Alaska Native (<1 percent)​ 
  • 559 Caucasian students (45 percent) 
In addition, 42 transfers are international students (on F1 and J1 visas), accounting for 3 percent of the new transfer class. 

By Geography 

DePaul remains a top destination for transfer students in Illinois. Illinois community colleges are the leading source of new transfer students, accounting for 61 percent of all transfers in fall 2017. A smaller percentage come from Illinois' private institutions (5 percent) and public universities (5 percent). In addition, 28 percent transferred from out-of-state institutions. 

By Age 

Seventy-five percent of transfers are under 24, 18 percent are 24-29 years of age and 7 percent are 30 or older. ​