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Freshman Enrollment

DePaul welcomed a class of 2,542 new freshmen in fall 2017, a 3 percent increase from last year's class of 2,459 students.  Enrollment increased in all colleges with the exception of CMN. BUS continues to enroll the largest proportion of freshmen at 25 percent.

By Academic Profile

The freshman class is strong on all measures of academic preparedness. The average high school GPA—the best predictor of academic success at DePaul—is 3.60, comparable up from 3.55 in 2016, and the second-highest in university history behind 3.65 in 2013. About 10 percent of the freshman class, or 247 students, enrolled in the Honors Program in fall 2017, compared with 267 students in 2016.

In 2017, the average ACT composite score of all DePaul freshmen is 25.3,* the same as last year. The middle 50 percent of the class scored between 22 and 28. Nationally, the average ACT composite score is 21.0. 

*ACT average includes scores for students who applied through the test-optional pilot program and submitted scores post-admission for research purposes.

Fall 2017 Freshman Enrollment by College

Driehaus College of Business 644
College of Computing and Digital Media
College of Science and Health 505
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
College of Communication 197
College of Education 89
The Theatre School
School of Music

By Gender, Ethnicity and International Status 

The fall 2017 freshman class is 44 percent male. Forty-three percent of the freshman class are students of color. 

DePaul's fall 2017 freshman class included: 
  • 542 Hispanic/Latino students (21 percent) 
  • 252 Asian students (10 percent) 
  • 182 African-American students (7 percent)
  • 112 students from multiracial/non-Hispanic backgrounds (4 percent) 
  • 60 students from other/unreported backgrounds (2 percent) 
  • 2 Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander students (<1 percent)
  • 1 American Indian/Alaska Native (<1 percent)  
  • 1,333 Caucasian students (52 percent) 
In addition, 58 freshmen (2 percent) are international students. 

By Geography 

In fall 2017, 45 percent of freshmen come from suburban Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois, 36 percent from out of state or out of country, and 19 percent from the city of Chicago. 

DePaul's five top feeder states for enrolled out-of-state freshmen are Michigan, California, Ohio, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The 912 out-of-state freshmen come from more than 650 high schools throughout the nation. 

First-Generation Freshmen 

Enrolling this fall are 844 freshmen from families where neither parent has a college degree. First-generation students represent 33 percent of the freshman class. A total of 45​ percent of this year's first-generation students come from suburban Chicago.