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Campus Enrollment

Credit hours generated at the Lincoln Park and Loop campuses were equivalent in 2016 (43 percent from each campus), compared with past years where Lincoln Park has held a larger share of the total credit hours. Off-campus locations (overseas and study abroad locations, Cinespace and Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science) generated 8,358 credit hours (9,235 in 2015). Online course credit hours increased 8 percent this fall to 30,946 and account for 11 percent of all fall credit hours, compared with 21,599 credit hours in 2012, an increase of 43 percent.

Credit Hours
Population Credit Hours
Undergraduate 225,930
Total 287,424

Online Students and Credit Hours 

The proportion of students taking some online courses has increased from 10 percent in 2012 to 18 percent in 2016 (2,618 and 4,211 students, respectively) while the proportion of students taking exclusively online courses has been relatively constant at about 8 percent (1,823 and 1,877 students, respectively).
Of undergraduates, 22 percent took some online courses and 5 percent took exclusively online courses. Of graduate students, 11 percent took some online courses and 17 percent took exclusively online courses.