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Campus Connect Upgrade

Enhancing the Student Experience

Meet the New Campus Connect - Campus Connect is still your gateway to information online regarding your course registration, personal profile, academic record, financial aid and payment, as well as a host of other academic support features to help you succeed at DePaul.
New Campus Connect Student Home Page (On a PC):
Campus Connect Upgrade
New Campus Connect Student Home Page (On a Mobile Phone):
Campus Connect Mobile 

Campus Connect Upgrade Open Houses

For those who would like a hands on experience, there are drop in sessions scheduled to come and learn more about the new Campus Connect:
​Campus Date​ Start Time​ End Time​ ​Location
Lincoln Park​ Monday, July 16​ 10:00 AM​ 12:00 PM​ ​SAC 232
Lincoln Park​ Tuesday, July 17​ ​2:00 PM 4:00 PM​ ​SAC 232
Lincoln Park​ Wednesday, July 25​ ​2:00 PM 4:00 PM​ ​SAC 232
Lincoln Park​ ​Wednesday, August 29 10:00 AM​ 12:00 PM​ ​SAC 232
Lincoln Park​ ​Thursday, August 30 ​2:00 PM 4:00 PM​ ​SAC 232
Loop​ ​Tuesday, July 17 10:00 AM​ 12:00 PM​ ​14 E. Jackson Rm. 1325
Loop​ ​Tuesday, July 24 ​2:00 PM 4:00 PM​ ​14 E. Jackson Rm. 1325
Loop​ ​Wednesday, August 29 ​2:00 PM 4:00 PM​ ​14 E. Jackson Rm. 1325
Loop​ ​Thursday, August 30 10:00 AM​ 12:00 PM​ ​14 E. Jackson Rm. 1325

CLICK HERE for the New *Class Search and Enroll* Tutorial


How is Campus Connect changing?

Not only will Campus Connect be mobile-friendly, but it will be more intuitive and easier to navigate by the use of an app-like homepage consisting of tiles that group together specific functions and information within Campus Connect.  ​

What does the new homepage for students consist of?

​The new student homepage will consist of a set of tiles that group together all of the essential functions and information which lies within Campus Connect.  The new homepage will make navigating Campus Connect a much easier user experience.   

When is this change taking place?

The upgrade is scheduled to occur in July, beginning Thursday, July 19 and completing on Sunday, July 22.  During this time, access to Campus Connect will be unavailable.​

How will I navigate the upgraded Campus Connect?

You will be able to navigate the upgraded Campus Connect by both traditional and mobile means.  However, the homepage of Campus Connect will use an application-like tile structure where you can select a specific tile in order to see more functions and information stored within it.  You may also use the search and NavBar icons to​ navigate Campus Connect.

Why are we upgrading Campus Connect?

To enhance the student user experience and allow for a mobile or tablet friendly interface as well as a traditional PC.

What resources are available to help me do things like register for classes, review my financial aid award, access my student account?

There will be information and videos available for students to help become familiar with the various functions and navigation.  If you have specific questions or issues, email us at or contact DePaul Central.​

What will the new Campus Connect look like for staff and faculty?

​Those with a staff or faculty role can visit the Information Services website for more information.