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Initial funding for the Community Research Initiative was developed by Lincoln Park community organizations during DePaul's Centennial year. Benefactors included:

The Lincoln Park Community Research Initiative continues today in the same spirit, with sole financial support coming from Lincoln Park residents, community groups and the business community.

The Research Initiative continues to receive financial support from the initial benefactors as well as local businesses, such as Bridgeview Bank​ and Lincoln Park residents.  

If you are interested in making a contribution to the Lincoln Park Research Initiative, please contact Fran Casey, 312.362.8100.

Grant Program

The Research Initiative supports the collection of materials that document the history and development of the Lincoln Park community and promotes research and the presentation of study findings. In 2000, the Research Initiative awarded a grant to Wanda Harold in support of her project:

Early Ethnic Settlement in Lincoln Park as Reflected in Architecture 

Wanda Harold, Sociology Department, DePaul University 

This research project, which links social ecology with urban architectural design, was funded with a grant from the Lincoln Park Community Research Initiative. The Wanda Harold Architec​tural Photographs of 200 historical buildings in Chicago's Lincoln Park Community include landmark domestic residences, commercial sites, and churches constructed in a variety of historical styles. Ms. Harold supplied each photograph with identification as to architectural style and location. All photographs of the late 19th-early 20th century buildings were taken by Ms. Harold in the year 2000.

If you would like to see a program on a certain aspect of Lincoln Park History, please contact Fran Casey, 312.362.8100.

If you are interested in funding a program, or research on a specific area, please contact Fran Casey, 312.362.8100.