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Mission Statement

The overall strategy of the Innovation through Collaboration Initiative is to accelerate and enhance the current culture of innovative and collaborative research and instruction at DePaul. We will foster synergies among innovative and collaborative research, scholarship, and creative activities, as well as curriculum design.

The Innovation through Collaboration initiative is outlined by Objectives 1B and 1C in DePaul’s Vision 2018 Strategic Directions: Dedication to Excellence, Commitment to Community.

Vision 2018 Goal 1:

Enhance Academic Quality and Support Educational Innovation
Offering rigorous, respected academic programs, we will prepare our students for success in their chosen fields and careers, equipping them to make a difference in the world. The university will provide all students an academically challenging environment, consistently high-quality course offerings and teaching excellence. DePaul is committed to the development of our faculty, ensuring they have the resources and capabilities to deliver an exemplary education; to systems of institutional self-examination, assessment and benchmarking; optimal use of technology in support of teaching and learning; and continuing curricular innovation and program development to prepare students for an evolving, global society.

Objective 1B:

  • Encourage and reward teaching excellence, curricular improvement and pedagogical innovation.
  • Recognize and support the role of research, scholarship and creative activity.
  • Sustain internal support and improve university effectiveness in attracting external support for this work.

Objective 1C:

  • Develop distinctive, high-quality academic programs.
  • Support collaboration among and between faculty and encourage the development of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary partnerships and programs.