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Design at DePaul

At DePaul, “Design” is defined in very broad terms as the study and application of design takes on many forms across campus.

Art, Media, & Design

Art, Media, and Design views design theory and practice as fundamental to artistic creation. Students explore and apply design principles to further their creative expression and to the development of their individual artistic voice. Students learn to express themselves through a variety of artistic practices from a contemporary perspective. These practices include sculpture, painting, printmaking, photography and drawing, illustration, digital imaging, 3-D printing, video art, graphic art, and interactive performance art.

CDM School of Design

The CDM School of Design defines design as a process, supported by cutting edge technological expertise, which can be used to improve people’s lives. Students in this area study how an understanding of human experiences and technological possibilities can be used to create life-impacting innovations. These students learn to integrate technologies and social practices into visualizations, games, apps, products, processes, and experiences that positively impact society.

The College of Communication

The College of Communication defines design as a process used to attain communication goals in work and in life. Students in this area learn to craft and deliver messages across a variety of face-to-face and mediated platforms including mass media to interactive media. Taking a perspective that communication is both a science and an art, students learn to communicate effectively based on both rigorous scientific findings and artistic creativity.

History of Art & Architecture

History of Art & Architecture focuses on how design principles have resulted in artifacts across a wide variety of media, geographies, and chronologies. Students in this area learn how design is shaped by creative, social and political forces and impacts human experience.

New Media Studies

New Media Studies defines design as the visual and functional organization of space on a page or screen. Students in this area study how the choice of a medium shapes design and how design can transform the chosen medium. Students learn to apply design principles to various media including print, web, and video.

The Theatre School

The Theatre School uses design principles to support artistic expression. Students in this area study how the artistic themes can be interpreted in terms of environments, costumes, soundscapes, light, and digital media to bring an artistic vision to life. Students in this area are prepared for jobs across the entertainment, and also learn to design technical systems that support automation, interactive media, and a variety of digital media.​