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Academic Fiscal Administration

Among the various responsibilities with which Academic Affairs is charged is the prudent management of the financial resources that support the academic endeavor. More than 20 distinct academic units require coordination and advocacy of financial matters, and it is the Academic Fiscal Administration (AFA) group that provides this coordination. AFA fosters strong enterprise-wide relationships to bring about appropriate action/resolutions related to academic financial, personnel, space and scheduling, and continuing education matters such that the University's strategic financial goals, mission and values flourish.

Composed of accounting, finance, continuing education and technology professionals, the Academic Fiscal Administration (AFA) team provides focused stewardship, analysis, and advocacy to all units reporting to the Provost. ABM accomplishes its aims by developing strong enterprise-wide relationships and fostering networks of financial and personnel management, training and outreach. The unit proactively partners with senior and executive leadership, serving as a resource to the Provost and all of Academic Affairs, in matters of: policy development; process improvement and implementation; financial modeling; contract review; full-time faculty and staff hiring; space and scheduling; and audit as well as general compliance. AFA further provides coordination around the university's annual financial planning efforts, including tuition pricing, and also provides financial expertise to aid in linking the strategic plans and budgets of the college/school and service units to the university's overall strategic and financial goals, mission and values.

Academic Fiscal Administration strives to cultivate a collaborative academic business environment in all respects. Whether supporting an individual unit inquiry or coordinating the monthly Academic Budget Manager Group, the Academic Fiscal Administration team partners with stakeholders to bring about appropriate actions and resolutions regarding academic business matters.‚Äč