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Departmental Initiative Grants Program — ePortfolio


ePortfolio grants are intended to promote the incorporation of eportfolios into the ongoing required work of a full major or minor. There is mounting evidence that students who create ePortfolios are better able to represent their learning to potential employers and graduate schools because they are practiced in articulating broad themes in their learning and connections across examples of their work. While single course-based ePortfolios are helpful in encouraging students to reflect on their work and showcase it for an audience, the full power of this pedagogy is realized across time and multiple experiences, both within the curriculum and beyond it.

There are a variety of ways to integrate ePortfolios into the curriculum of a major or minor, from focusing work on the ePortfolio within the capstone course, to identifying several courses at different points in the major or minor where the ePortfolio may receive explicit attention. The ePortfolio grant encourages departments and programs to consider how they might best incorporate this pedagogy. Successful applications will demonstrate how ePortfolios will be used to improve student outcomes at the program level, with any proposed work on individual courses placed in that larger context.

For an outline of possible models you might consider, along with information on support services for you and your students, view this PDF.


All departments, programs, colleges and schools may submit an application. The application should describe the activities that will be undertaken in order to incorporate eportfolios into the major and/or minor. Please include a budget to indicate the amount you are requesting and how the money will be used. Requested funds may be used for stipends of up to $3,500 per faculty member, but applications may also request funds for other purposes (e.g., faculty development opportunities). The maximum grant award is $7,000.

Application Deadline

Applications are accepted in the Fall and Winter with deadlines of October 15th and March 15th, respectively. Late applications cannot be accepted.

How to Apply

Applicants should submit the following through Campus Connect (click on "Grant Proposals" in the "Faculty Center" section) by the appropriate deadline:

  • Project title
  • Abstract — The abstract should describe the project clearly and completely in non-technical terms.
  • Work plan and timeline — The work plan and timeline should be thorough, realistic, and feasible. Further, the specific outcomes for the project should be articulated.
  • Budget

Applicants will also be asked to attach the following to their application:

  • Narrative — The narrative should describe the project in clear, non-technical language. The narrative should also present a compelling argument in favor of the project that will include a clear description of the project’s goals and objectives. Further, the narrative should explain the relationship between the project and the applicant’s teaching, research, and/or service interests.

Expectations and Requirements of Recipients

Grant receipients should keep the following in mind:

  • Grant funds are made available to the faculty member upon completion of budget manager training.
  • Funding is for 18 months after the grant is approved.
  • The council expects projects to be completed in a timely manner and will not fund projects beyond three years.
  • A final report must be submitted within 30 days of the grant’s expiration. This report should delineate the activities conducted during the grant and describe the achievement of the project outcomes as outlined in the proposal.