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Sum​mer Research Grants Program


Summer Research Grants are intended to support faculty summer research projects, especially those that engage students as research assistants. 


Successful applicants will receive a summer stipend of $3,500 and up to $4,000 in funding, primarily for undergraduate or graduate student assistants.  Up to 25 percent of the funding requested may be used for small expenses necessary to conduct the summer research, such as supplies or modest participant incentives, but the primary focus should be on the involvement of student assistants.   Other costs such as equipment, contractors, travel, and dissemination of the research results are not covered by this program. The funding will be made available from approximately June 15th to August 31st, and all Summer Research Grants will end at that point.  Joint proposals may request up to two summer stipends while limiting the funding request to the $4,000 maximum.


Eligibility for Summer Research Grants is limited to full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty.  Eligible faculty may apply for one such grant per year and may not receive funding from this grant program for the same project for more than two summers.  Faculty who receive summer support from their academic units are not eligible to receive a summer stipend but may apply for grant funds.  Faculty with summer support from external grants may not be eligible for a summer stipend, depending up their level of external support.  (The Office of Research Services can advise f​aculty regarding this.)   Also, faculty who have overspent previous Council grants will not be eligible for funding until the overage is resolved. 

Application Deadline​

Applications will be accepted in the fall and winter, with deadlines of October 15th and March 15th, respectively.

How to Apply

Applicants are required to use the on-line proposal system established for the Councils.  Within Campus Connect, click on “Grant Proposals” in the “Faculty Center.”  Follow this link for more detailed navigation instructions:  If a Grant Proposals link does not appear in the Faculty Center, write to to request access.

Proposals must include the following:

  • Project Title
  • Abstract: Clearly summarize the project, making it as accessible as possible to a general reader. 
  • Narrative: Attach a detailed description of the summer research project along with the project’s objectives; the need for and importance of the proposed research; and the relationship between the project and the applicant’s overall research interests. 
  • CV:  Attach a current CV.
  • Budget Narrative: Detail and justify the funding that is requested on the Budget Form. For student assistants, include a breakout of the estimated hourly rate and the estimated number of hours to be worked.   Also include benefits at 10% of the total hourly wages.  If a summer stipend is not requested, please note this in the Budget Narrative.  Otherwise, the stipend need not be mentioned.  The stipend may not be reallocated to funding for the summer project, which is limited to a maximum of $4,000.
  • Budget Form: Use the budget form to assign the anticipated expenses to DePaul budget categories.  Include the total student wages in Part-Time Salaries and 10% of Part-Time Salaries in the Benefits category.   As needed, use Supplies, Office, and Other to include other modest expenses associated with conducting the summer research, up to 25 percent of the total budget, which is limited to $4,000 overall.  Travel, Conference Registration, Meeting Expense, and Professional Service are not covered by this grant program.   Do not include the summer stipends in the budget form. 

Proposals will be reviewed by the University Research Council, and all applicants will be notified of the results.

Expectations and Requirements of Grant Recipients

  • Successful applicants are expected to carry out their projects as described in their proposal narratives and in keeping with their proposed budgets.  Significant departures from the narrative or budget will require advance approval from the Office of Research Services.
  • Students assisting with funded projects may not begin work on them until their hiring process is complete.  
  • All Summer Research Grants must end by August 31st. 
  • A report on the project will be due by September 30th.  Instructions concerning what to include in the report and how to submit it will be provided. ​