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Declaring a Major

If you would like to talk with an academic advisor to explore all of DePaul’s academic options before you declare or change your major, minor, or concentration, please contact the Office for Academic Advising Support (OAAS) at 773-325-7431 or An OAAS advisor can help you choose an academic plan that fits your needs and help you understand the requirements of your chosen major or minor.

Once you have spoken to an advisor and are ready to declare a new program of study, you can change your major or add a new major or minor by using the Change College/Major/Minor tool in Campus Connection. You will be required to log in to Campus Connection, so make sure to have your username and password handy.

If your new major requires you to change colleges within DePaul, you may request this through the online tool. You will need to meet the following requirements in order to change colleges:

  1. You must be a degree-seeking undergraduate student
  2. You must be currently enrolled (have not been absent 3 consecutive quarters, excluding summer sessions)
  3. You must have a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0
  4. You must have earned a minimum of 12 quarter hours as a degree-seeking student

Some colleges have higher GPA requirements. If you are interested in learning about the requirements to transfer to The Theatre School, School of Music, College of Education, or School for New Learning, please click here.

To complete your change of major, minor or concentration, please follow this path in Campus Connect: Main Menu > Student Center > Academics > Drop-Down Menu.


When is the deadline to declare my major?

This depends on your college and/or major, but students typically declare their major by the beginning of their junior year. It is normal for students to explore different disciplines in their first two years of study. Check with your college for more information on specific information related to declaring your major. 

What if I change my mind after I've already declared a major?

You can switch your major if you've already declared one. Be aware that switching majors later in your academic career may cause a delay in graduation. See an OAAS advisor to discuss your degree progress in the new major you are considering.

Can I switch from one DePaul college to another?

Students can transfer from one DePaul college to another by completing an Inter-College Transfer on Campus Connection. Students must have completed at least 12 quarter hours and meet the GPA requirement of the college into which they wish to transfer. For more information, please visit the DePaul Central website.