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Karin Winters

Where did you go to school?
University of San Diego for undergrad and DePaul for graduate school. 

What were your majors/minors in undergrad?
Psychology Major, Gender Studies Minor.  Counseling for graduate school.

Favorite class in college?
That’s a toss-up. Gender and Religion, Sociology of Sexual Orientation, or Peer Counseling

If you weren’t an academic advisor, what would you be doing? 
Owning/operating an organic farm where I’ll raise bees (or hire a gal to raise bees) and sell my delicious, yet over-priced, honey and other organic preserves to lovely folks I’ll know by name. Also, maybe one day I’ll be a high school counselor.

Three things you would take with you on a deserted island? 
All my farming skills I’ll have learned on my organic farm (but that’s intangible and should not count as one of my three items). An internet connection, a solar-powered smartphone and lots of OFF! (to keep the ravenous mosquitoes away).​