Camilla  Fojas

Professor, Latin American and Latino Studies
College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences

Camilla Fojas is Professor and Director of Latin American and Latino Studies at DePaul University. She works on the construction and representation of race and national borders in film and popular culture. Her books include Cosmopolitanism in the Americas (Purdue UP, 2005), Border Bandits: Hollywood on the Southern Frontier (Texas UP, 2008), Mixed Race Hollywood (NYU, 2008) co-edited with Mary Beltrán, and Transnational Crossroads: Reimagining Asian America, Latin/o America, and the American Pacific (Nebraska UP, 2012) co-edited with Rudy Guevarra. She has a new book under contract with the University of Texas Press called Pop Imperialism: Island Frontiers of the U.S. Imaginary. ​