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Service Immersion Trips

"Serve, build community, cultivate social justice, live intentionally and grow spiritually."

Each year over 160 DePaul students choose to dedicate their spring or winter break to service, reflection, simplicity, community, spirituality and social justice during a Service Immersion. YOU have the opportunity to serve, live and build relationships with over 17 marginalized communities throughout the United States and the Americas.

As a Vincentian in Action on a Service Immersion you could spend your week working with the homeless in Los Angeles, repairing and building homes in Appalachia, learning about Civil Rights in Montgomery, living simply in El Salvador, and much more. Explore all service destinations.

"What must be done?" is our Vincentian question. On a Service Immersion you will learn firsthand what it means to be a Vincentian in Action and how to live out DePaul’s mission of service and justice. Integrated throughout the immersion experience is the Vincentian in Action ways of awareness/appreciation, dialogue and solidarity. It is in these experiences that we hope to inspire growth and change in a way that resonates back home through the sharing of stories and action toward systemic change.

Find out about the Service Immersion Program's philosophy:

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Upcoming Service Immersion Opportunities

After attending an information session you apply for the Service Immersions through OrgSync.

2014-2015 Application Deadlines:

Winter Break 2015 Domestic & International Immersion:
Accepting Waitlist Participants. Contact for more information
Cost of Domestic: $200 + Flight Cost 
Cost of International: $500 + Flight Cost

First Year Winter Break Service Immersion: October 8, 2014 
Cost: $150

Priority Deadline: November 20, 2015 ​ 
Final Spring Break Deadline: January 8, 2016​

Service Immersion Reflections and Informational Videos

Click here to read some stories and reflections from the Spring Break 2013 Vincentians in Action Service Immersions.

Click here to read some reflections for Spring Break 2014 Vincentians in Action Service Immersions.