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The Office of Research Services’ mission is to promote, facilitate, and support research, scholarship, teaching, and creative activities that are conducted by DePaul University faculty, students, and staff, and are consistent with the university’s mission.

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NIH Enrollment Data on Research Performance Progress Reports

The NIH advises that when submitting a Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) that includes Inclusion Enrollment data, grantees may encounter a new error message. For more information, please see the Updates page.

OMB Uniform Guidance supercedes requirements from OMB Circulars

A link to the OMB Uniform Guidance, as well as information on federal agency and/or DePaul’s implementation of the Guidance, has been added to the ORS Federal Cost Principles page.

See more Grant Award news on DePaul Distinctions

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Instructors' Comments on Student Papers: What Students Really Think

Faculty spend hours and hours making comments on student work. But do we really know if our comments are effective at helping students learn?

DePaul's Two TRIO Grants

50 Years of TRIO represented in two ongoing grants:  Student Support Services and McNair Scholars Program.

​Fostering student voice: LAS & College of Education collaboration brings complementary sets of expertise

Insights into best practices of civic and literacy education that can inform future educational programming.