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HR Forms


Form Description
Job Description Form Request to update Job Description
Manual Payment and Pay Rate Change Request Form Request for manual payment or pay rate change
Staff Recognition Nomination Form Request for staff award recognition
Position Request System - Guide Guide to using PRS functions in Peoplesoft

Employee Relations

Form Description
Employee Accommodation Request Request for special accommodation
Employee Request to Inspect Personnel Records Request for Personnel Records
Managers Request to Inspect Personnel Records Request for Employee's Personnel Records
Religious Accommodation request Request for Religious Accommodation
Salary Advance Request & Deduction Authorization Request for Salary Advance

Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

Form Description
HRIS Report Request Form Request data out of PeopleSoft from Human Resources

New Employees

Form Description
Form I-9 Government required form used to verify identity and authorization to work in the U.S. (This form may not load in Google Chrome. Please try a different browser or download the form.)
DCFS Form Form acknowledging the responsibility of reporting child neglect and abuse.
Self-Identification Form Form identifying your race and ethnicity
Note: We are no longer providing paper consent forms for criminal background checks. All new hires will now receive an electronic consent form or e-link. Contact Maria Gonzalez with questions at 312-362-5710.

Workplace Learning and Performance

Form Description
Customized Training Request Form Request customized training


Form Description
In-Person Interview Feedback Form.pdf In-Person Interview Feedback Form
Resume Review Report Hiring Manager Resume Review Report
Search Waiver Form Request to forgo the posting process of a position.


Form Description
Adoption Request Form Request adoption assistance reimbursement for certain costs that may be incurred during the adoption process 
Blue Cross Heal​th Insurance Claim Form Request reimbursement for applicable medical expenses incurred for services not directly billed to the plan
BlueCard Worldwide International Claim Form Request reimbursement for applicable medical expenses incurred for services during an international travel
Blue Cross Dental  Insurance Claim Form​​​ Request reimbursement for applicable dental expenses for services not directly billed to the plan​
Conexis Dependent Care FSA Claim Form Request reimbursement for eligible day care expenses with pre-tax dollars
Conexis Health FSA Claim Form  Request reimbursement for eligible health care expenses with pre-tax dollars
Conexis Parking and Transportation Claim Form  Request reimbursement for eligible parking and transportation expenses with pre-tax dollars
Declaration of Tax Status Form Form to declare the tax status of a dependent child or Second Domiciled Adult (SDA)
Dependent Add/Change Form Request to add or update dependent information
Employee Telecommuting Request Form Request for telecommuting arrangement
HSA Contribution Election Change Form  Request to add or update Health Savings Account contribution
Manual Tuition Waiver Form Request tuition waiver for retirees, dependents of retiree, employees with special arrangements or Unrelated SDA
Part-Time Faculty Tuition Waiver Form  Request tuition waiver for Part time Faculty
PC Loan Form​​ ​Request a Personal Computer Loan
Personal Leave of Absence Request Form Request for Personal Leave of Absence
PrimeMail Mail Order Prescription Order Form Request for prescription to be sent via mail
Return from V-Time Form Request to return to normal employment from a voluntary flex schedule
SDA Affid​avit Form​ Request to add a Second Domiciled Adult (SDA) during new hire open enrollment or annual enrollment
Tuition Waiver Proof of Dependency Affidavit​ Affidavit form for dependents requesting tuition waiver
SDA Tuition Waiver Affidavit Affidavit for Unrelated Second Domiciled Adult requesting a tuition waiver
Voluntary Unpaid ​Time-Off Request Form Request for voluntary unpaid time off
V-Time Form  Request for voluntary flex schedule