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Transportation Benefits

DePaul University’s transportation programs enable eligible faculty and staff members to set aside pre-tax contributions for the reimbursement of travel expenses incurred while commuting to and from work at the university. Amounts deducted to fund any of these plans reduce taxable compensation.

Program Options

  • Buy My Pass: WageWorks purchases your transit pass using funds in your account, and your pass is mailed directly to your home each month. You will order your passes each month or schedule a recurring monthly order.
  • Load Ventra card: Load money to your Ventra Chicago Card or monthly pass directly from your account.
  • Pay by Debit Card: Use the convenient WageWorks Commuter Card to pay for transit passes and tickets at most commuting-related point of purchase locations. You decide how much money to load onto your card each month to cover your monthly commuting costs.

Log in to Campus Connect to access the WageWorks website (Self Service >Benefits > WageWorks).

The 2017 monthly IRS pre-tax transit program limit is $255.*

Parking Program

Eligible parking expenses include the cost of parking a car on or near university premises as well as parking near a mass transit facility for the purposes of taking mass transit to campus. Eligible expenses do not include residential parking costs.

  • Pay Me Back: Arrange for account funds to be transferred to your bank account or a check to be mailed to reimburse you for eligible parking expenses you've already paid. Just keep in mind that you must elect the Pay Me Back option for the month you wish to claim the reimbursement.
  • Pay My Provider: Arrange for direct payments to your parking garage or parking provider.
  • Pay by Debit Card: Use the convenient WageWorks Commuter Card associated with your account to pay for parking. You decide how much money to load onto your card each month to cover your monthly commuting costs.

Although parking contributions will continue to roll over, only parking reimbursement claims from the current plan year with a 3-month grace period into the following plan year will be processed.

Log in to Campus Connect to access the WageWorks website (Self Service >Benefits > WageWorks).

The 2017 monthly IRS pre-tax parking program limit is $255.*

Bicycle Reimbursement Program

Do you bike to work? The WageWorks Bicycle Reimbursement Program can help you save money while supporting your healthy, environmentally-friendly commute to work. Even if you ride your bicycle to work only a few days a week, this program is a great way to put extra money in your pocket each month.

Savings are simple with your Bicycle Reimbursement Program. Just ride your bike to work and pay for normal bike-related expenses. Submit your receipts, and you are reimbursed for up to $20 of eligible expenses per month by your employer.

You can submit bicycle expenses up to $20 per qualified month. A qualified month includes a month in which:

  • You did not receive any other commuter benefit (such as transit, vanpool or parking); and;
  • You regularly used your bicycle for a substantial portion of travel between your residence and place of employment during that month

Eligible expenses include:

Bicycle improvements, such as handlebars, pedals, seats, tires, and other equipment that is permanently attached to the bicycle:

  • Bicycle repairs
  • Bicycle purchase
  • Bicycle storage
  • Bicycle helmets

Be sure to save your receipts for any eligible out-of-pocket expenses you pay. Questions about getting reimbursed? Check out the FAQs in the Employee Support Center.

Program Enrollment

You may enroll, change, or discontinue enrollment in the transportation program anytime by logging into Campus Connect and accessing the link to WageWorks ( (Self Service >Benefits > WageWorks). Please note that the cutoff date to enroll or change your participation is the 10th of each month and your benefit changes will be effective for the following month. Deductions will be taken from the first paycheck in the month the benefit is effective.

For example, to change, terminate or order your January pass, you must enroll online by Dec. 10. You are charged for your pass the first paycheck in January, and your pass will be delivered to your home address the last week in December in time for January usage.

Log in to Campus Connect to access the WageWorks website (Self Service >Benefits > WageWorks). 

For questions or assistance with your transportation program enrollment, please contact WageWorks at 877-924-3967 (Monday through Friday 7 am to 7 pm).

How do I order commuter passes or vouchers each month?

You can place your order through your  WageWorks account by following these steps:

Log in to your account
Click “ Commuter Account”
Click "Place Commuter Order" 
Follow the prompts to select from the available products

Order your transportation passes or card loads one month at a time or schedule a recurring order. Either way, you will receive monthly emails to keep you up - to - date on your transit selections and your account balance. ​​

Can I sign up to have my commuter order recur automatically each month?

Yes. When you set up your first order, you can schedule a recurring order. WageWorks will automatically issue your monthly passes for up to 13 months for most passes. You may also skip months or go back and edit recurring orders. Any changes to recurring orders must be completed prior to the cut-off for each order period. ​​

How do I cancel an order?

From your online account, you have the option to edit or delete current orders by clicking on the appropriate button. After the order deadline, any changes made will apply to your next order. ​

If I pay for parking at a transit station, can I use my pre - tax dollars for both parking and transit?

Yes. You may use pre-tax dollars up to the monthly maximum limit for parking and transit by electing each benefit separately. ​

What are the deadlines to place, change, or cancel my order?

In most cases, your order must be placed by the 10th of the month prior to the month you’re ordering for. For example, if you need a Metra pass for February, your deadline for ordering the pass is Jan. 10. The same deadlines also apply to order cancellations and other changes. ​​

I missed the deadline for next month, what do I do?

The deadline for ordering, changing, or canceling existing orders cannot be changed after the cut-off date. You can avoid missing a deadline by setting up a recurring order. ​

What if my pass is lost or stolen?

Transit and parking passes and vouchers are generally considered financial instruments with a cash value, and refunds and replacement passes or cards cannot be provided if missing or lost.

If you use a registered Ventra card, a replacement card may be obtained with your balance. Contact WageWorks for instructions on how to obtain a replacement card. ​​