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D2L Essentials

D2L Essentials is a self-paced online course designed to help faculty become familiar with the most commonly used features of Desire2Learn, DePaul's learning management system. Faculty with no previous D2L experience should be able to complete all of the tasks in D2L Essentials in 3 to 6 hours.  Faculty will receive a certificate of completion after completing the following required tasks:

  • Post a news announcement on their course homepage
  • Create a module
  • Upload a file to a module
  • Create a discussion forum and topic
  • Create a dropbox folder
  • Create a grade item
  • Set an end date on a dropbox
  • Set a lock date on a discussion​


​D2L Essentials Schedule

Cohort Start Date​ End Date​ Registration​
December 2016​ 12/5/16​ 12/18/16​ Closed
Winter 2017​ 2/27/17​ 3/12/17​ Register​
Spring 2017​ 5/15/17​ 5/28/17​ Register