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Recycling at DePaul

DePaul's recyclables are collected by Republic Services where they are sorted, compacted and soldRepublic practices single stream recycling, meaning that no separation of recyclables is required. So why are there so many types of recycling bins on campus? The different bins help to reduce contamination (e.g., when paper is kept separate from bottles and cans, less of it gets wet and dirty which makes it unfit for recycling) and spread awareness. Republic also extracts recyclables from the waste stream in their facilities. Overall, DePaul on average recycles 70-80 tons of material each month.

Please Recycle (in any University recycling bin):

  • All types of paper except: please, NO coffee cups, food containers, paper towels, napkins, tissues, glossy receipts, nothing excessively wet or dirty
  • Aluminum & Tin Cans (empty)
  • Glass Bottles (empty)
  • Plastic Bottles & Jugs with #s 1-5 printed on them (empty) - leave caps on!
There are also designated bins where you can recycle the following special items:
  • Batteries and cell phones:
    • Schmitt Academic Center, 1st floor near elevators/Kenmore entrance
    • ness and Recreation Center, near front desk
    • Student Center, 1st floor near information desk
    • McGowan South, 1st floor near Belden entrance & in the Environmental Science & Studies Department, Suite 203
    • John T. Richardson Library, Kenmore entrance
    • Housing Services, Centennial Hall Suite 301
    • DePaul Center, 1st floor near security desk
  • Gently used shoes can be placed in the Share Your Soles bin at the Ray Meyer
    Fitness and Recreation Center, located to the left when you enter. Gently used donations of 
    any size and type are encouraged! 
  • Ink and toner cartridges can be recycled in the Student Center 1st floor bin near the information desk or sent via interoffice mail to Procurement Services. 
  • Writing utensils can be recycled in the Student Center 1st floor bin near the information desk, and in any of these green boxes to the right.
Check out our Beyond the Bin Guide for additional recycling options outside of DePaul.

Off Campus

If you live in Chicago in a building with 4 units or less, you are part of the Blue Cart recycling program. Check out the recently launched Recycle By City - Chicago site for tons of helpful information. If you live in a building with more than 4 units, your building is required to offer recycling via a private waste hauler. Unfortunately, many multi-unit buildings do not comply with this law, and it is not often enforced. Check out the City's multi-unit recycling information as well as My Building Doesn't Recycle for more information on this issue.

If you live outside of Chicago, your local government can provide you with information about their recycling program. If one is not in place, Earth911's recycle search is a good place to start for nearby options.

We're happy to answer any/all of your recycling questions. Ask away!