The DePaul Annual Payment Plan is designed to give you the option of paying your tuition cost, housing charges, and fees incurred during the regular academic year in 12, 11, or 10 monthly installments.  

How much does it cost?

$80.00 yearlyenrollment fee; interest free solution.

How can I enroll?

Once you login, navigate to your Student Center>Finances>ePAY/eBILL
Select Payment Plan from menu on the left.
3rd Parties/Parents
Your student must grant you access to ePAY/eBILL first. He/She must also activate your access with account & payment plan management.
​Once you login, select Payment Plans from the menu on the left.

Below are important dates related to the DePaul Annual Payment Plan:

Annual Plan Application
First Payment  Last Payment
12 Month 06/25/2016 06/27/2016 05/26/2017
11 Month 07/25/2016 07/26/2016 05/26/2017
10 Month 08/25/2016 08/26/2016 05/26/2017

Payment plan available June 1, 2016
​Summary of Terms & Conditions

Eligible Charges 
Only charges incurred for the upcoming regular academic year 2014-2015 (autumn, winter & spring) are eligible for this payment plan.  Please note that you are responsible for estimating your costs for the year and for any reductions and/or additional charges not originally planned for.

Anticipated Aid
You may factor in any financial aid that you are eligible for.  However, please note that any aid that does not pay as planned may increase your payments.

Your payment plan may be cancelled for any of the following reasons: 
     a)  You have a past due balance.
     b) You are already enrolled in a University sponsored payment plan.
     c)  Your payments are returned by your credit card or banking institution. A $30.00 returned payment fee will be assessed for each occurrence.

If your payment plan is suspended or cancelled, you may be restricted from other university services and be subject to a $100.00 late fee.

Please scroll down to review the detailed terms & conditions for Nelnet Business Solutions, Inc. 

Need Help?

You may email us at or call DePaul Central at 312-362-8610 and ask to speak to a Student Accounts Counselor.

DePaul University reserves the right to refuse acceptance into this program for any reason. The University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, or handicap in admission, employment, or provision of services. 

Terms and Conditions

Nelnet Business Solutions, Inc (NBS) has contracted with DePaul University to act as its agent for the collection of tuition and/or fees. As the Agreement Plan Owner who has submitted this agreement, you accept and agree to be bound by the agreements terms and conditions until the total amount owed is paid in full. Additionally, you authorize NBS to process payments and fees from the account provided or any subsequent account provided. Your authorization will terminate when the total balance due has been paid (including fees, unless waived).

 If DePaul University elects to offer a down payment option and you elect to make a down payment, the down payment will be processed by NBS immediately according to the payment method you have selected. Should your down payment fail, the agreement will be terminated and you will be notified that additional details are available online. 

The nonrefundable enrollment fee will be deducted from the account provided immediately. Should your enrollment fee fail, NBS will notify you that your agreement has been terminated and additional details are available online. The nonrefundable enrollment fee is based upon the number of payments selected for each NBS agreement period. A portion of the nonrefundable enrollment fee may be remitted to your institution. Fees are subject to change in future academic terms. 

If a payment is returned, you will receive notification of how that payment will be handled and that a $30 returned payment fee will be automatically deducted from the account provided within 10 calendar days of the returned payment. A returned payment fee will be assessed for each payment attempt that is returned. Fees are subject to change in future academic terms. 

Your scheduled payment will be processed on or after the date specified in the Agreement Details. If your payment date falls on a weekend the payment will be attempted on the next business day. Your financial institution determines the time and day the payment is debited to the account. A complete schedule of payments will be provided in your Agreement Details. 

NBS does not guarantee any payments it does not collect from you. Depending upon your Institutions policy, payments returned by your financial institution may be automatically reattempted. Refunds of any money paid to NBS, except for any applicable NBS fees, will be handled by your Institution according to its refund policy.


A. You may make changes to your financial account(s), demographic information you provided in this agreement by using the authorized payer and/or student portal. You may also make limited changes to your agreement balance and status based on the options DePaul University has selected. The timely application of changes depends on when they are received by NBS; NBS may refuse to apply changes prior to the next scheduled payment date if NBS determines, for whatever reason, that it does not have sufficient time to act on them. In the event that you authorize additional services from the Institution, or in the event that additional fees are assessed by the Institution in accordance with its policies, you understand that the total balance due and/or payment amount will change. You agree that your authorization of any such change shall constitute your authorization to change the payment amount, and/or to continue payments until the total balance due is paid in full. If you, as the Plan Owner, are not the student, you authorize the student to make changes to his or her schedule or activities and agree to be bound by any such changes. You do not require NBS or the Institution to send advance notice of any adjustments resulting from any such changed authorization, which includes any reduction in the balance due and/or payment as a result of financial aid, or any other similar cause. However, notification of any such changed authorization is to be provided to you through the authorized payer and student portal. 

B. If there will be any change in the preauthorized payment amount other than a change made by you, as described above, you will receive notice of such changed payment amount at least ten (10) days in advance of the next scheduled payment or sent notification for action on your part. 

C. You may revoke your authorization by sending NBS a signed, written notification or an e-mail; upon receipt, NBS will immediately terminate your agreement. However, terminating your agreement with NBS in no way affects your obligation to pay the Institution, and you will be charged another nonrefundable enrollment fee if you need to begin a new agreement. 

Any and all inconsistencies in the information provided will be resolved in the confirmation notification sent to you from NBS. Changes made by the Institution that are received by NBS before the notification is sent may also be included. In either event, the confirmation notification shall be controlling. 

If you discover what you believe to be an error made by NBS, you must report the suspected error to NBS immediately. NBS must hear from you no later than sixty (60) days after the suspected error occurred. This obligates you to timely review of your bank statements and a timely response to company letters, e-mails, or phone calls. It is your responsibility to report suspected errors as soon as possible.

You acknowledge that the origination of ACH transactions to your account must comply with the provisions of U.S. law. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Nebraska. The District Court of Lancaster County, Nebraska, shall be the sole venue for filing any action. This agreement should in no way be construed to be a lender-borrower agreement between NBS and the Institution or NBS and you. 

Data collected and stored by NBS pursuant to this agreement is governed by the Institutions privacy policy. This data will not be used by NBS in any manner not approved by the Institution unless required by law (for example, a court order or subpoena). Access to the data shall be restricted to authorized associates and shall be used only for the purpose of providing service to you or the Institution. NBS maintains physical, procedural, and electronic safeguards to protect data from being accessed by unauthorized third parties. NBS privacy policy will govern use of your information only in the event that you request additional services directly from NBS or its affiliates.​​