Diplomas are considered official University documents and bear the official seal of the University.  Your diploma will be mailed to the diploma address that you provided in your graduation application.  Please note the following before requesting a diploma:

  • Financial holds must be removed before your diploma will be processed (see Replacement Diploma section below).
  • Diplomas are mailed within 4 to 6 weeks after the degree process is completed by your college or school.
  • Diplomas bear the signatures of current University officials when produced. 

Diploma Order Options

Duplicate Diploma

If you would like an additional copy of your original diploma.

Replacement Diploma:

If your original diploma was lost or damaged in delivery.

Apostille (Notarized Diploma):

Legalized document for international use under the terms of the Hague Convention.

Alteration or Falsification of Academic Records:   Please be aware that altering, creating, otherwise falsifying or tampering with university records, or otherwise misrepresenting one’s academic accomplishments, awards or credentials could result in University sanctions including dismissal or degree revocation, or legal action. This includes, but is not limited to, altering or creating an academic transcript or diploma, and unauthorized use of university documents including letterhead.